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Hello! My name is dragonlover or my human name Jade. Anyway, I made most of these pictures. And Dragon Ville has so much cool stufff! To pictures, videos and maybe even a dragon roar. Hope you like this one. Its my first time so ya. ;) :) :P (funny way)
Well i wish i was a dragon named Jade. Because i luv dragons and stuff. Anyway i made this pic of me in dragon. This is my favorite picture of a dragon ever. And no one can take it away. Oh, i forgot im also on a website called newgrounds. Heres the link to see my page http://www.newgrounds.com/ilovedragons657 anyway i luv this pic and stuff, and i love to draw dragons in m free time. Im really good no joke! :) Anyway im the Queen of the forest fleet.
This is my friend. His name is darkness. Well, my friend in real asked me to make him a dragon picture because he luvs dragons too, so then i asked what his favorite color is and he said black. So here ya go! He secretly has a crush on me in real and dragon.
Here is a really sick picture of a dragon breathing fire. I dont own this one. I got this off google. Sick isnt it? Ya i thought so :)
Right here is a boy dragon. His name is Moon. He is very handsome and kind. This is my friends boyfriend. i mean like in real. Again he asked me because im awesome at drawing dragons.
This is Moons girlfriend, Luna. This is my bff (in dragon form) and shes my friend in real and all of us are human. We wish we were dragons. :'(
This is my sister in dragon and real. Her name is Vision. She is the Queen of the Dark Fleet.